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Ted L. Chen tedlchen at
Wed Jan 8 16:56:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Caliban Tiresias Darklock

> Personally, I found it annoying that there was so little I could
> do up front, and became frustrated enough to quit in a matter of
> hours. My wife lasted longer, finding a houseful of roommates and
> encouraging me to rejoin the game so we could interact
> there. Midway through the weekend, she reported that the only way
> to earn any money was to spend hours and hours online, and she
> still couldn't do anything fun. She hasn't been back on since.

> The situation you describe is, in our opinion, an excellent
> representation of how to make a game that sucks the donkey's balls
> hard enough to make his ears twitch.

At least that would have been err... interesting.  ;) Just out of
curiosity, would you say that the lack of fun of TSO is in anyway
directly attributed to the fact that you have to control the sims
directly?  I hypothesis that part of the fun and challenge of games
such as the Sims (offline) and Chu Chu Rocket (that's the first
other one to pop into my head) is the fact that you modify the
environment in a vain effort to gain control over the
characters/mice.  Little complexity -> Large choices.

Going that route (even if it happens to go off a sheer cliff), I
wonder if a Populous-style MUD would be fun?


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