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Ted L. Chen tedlchen at
Wed Jan 8 17:25:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Paul Schwanz

> I think you know that I don't like treadmills, but perhaps more
> importantly, treadmill-oriented games have not been able to keep
> my attention or subscription past a month or two.  In my case, a
> mud *with* a treadmill has always failed.  Does that mean I'm not
> human? ;)

No, just that you fall into one of two camps:

  a) You're knowlegable about optimization and (pseudo)formal
  methods of achieving min-max.

  b) You're so unknowlegable about optimization that you don't even
  know where to start.

Both options imply very little choice in what you can do.  (A)
implies that you just follow some formula or procedure.  (B) implies
that you have so many options, that you can't really choose
anything, hence funny enough, no choice.
But then, these two camps are likely the extremes of any population.
So, for the rest of the people in (C) who have some inkling of what
to do but don't have any laid-down procedures, treadmills help make
it fun.

As with a multiple choice test, always choose (C).


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