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Marc Fielding fielding at
Wed Jan 8 23:06:46 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[ Koster, Raph ]

> Treadmills compensate for real life skill. They are the crutch
> that keeps people who below average at the game from quitting. In
> a real skill-based environment, 80% of your players are below
> average at the game.

So in summary:  "Achievement is an entitlement."

A reasonable work-around for this conflict ("talent
vs. perseverance") is something along the lines of the remedy for
"casual vs. dedicated" playstyle equalization (e.g. UO's "Power
Hour"). Give the "commoners" their treadmills but award bonuses
(e.g. gold, XP, items) to players of distinction. Create treadmill
alternatives for advancement of the elite like establishing a
quality player-run town, running an elaborate quest, etc.

The challenge then lies in the administration of elite
progression. The evaluation/reward process is entirely subjective
and will require human intervention. Yet another burden for Customer


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