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Valerio Santinelli tanis at mediacom.it
Thu Jan 9 10:04:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Frank Crowell wrote:
> From: "Jason Gauthier" <jgauthier at lastar.com>
>> From: Valerio Santinelli [mailto:tanis at mediacom.it]

>>> I can't recall anyone talking about EthernalQuest, the EverQuest
>>> unofficial server emulator (http://www.ethernalquest.com/).  As
>>> of now the v0.6.x serie is becoming playable and the first
>>> servers are popping up around the world. I wonder how Sony is
>>> going to react to this trend that is going to be much similar to
>>> the one rised with UO.

>> There is actually a much more advanced EQ server emulator out
>> there called EQEmu:

> I have had contact with both projects -- although I have primarily
> focused on EQEmu since Nov 2001.  I was the first official
> "helper" before the reorganization in January 2002 and then
> immediately become a helper for what was essentially EQEmu II.
> But the people drift back and forth between EtheralQuest and
> EQEmu.


> These projects have potential for experimentation. but unless they
> get support from the game companies themselves the projects will
> eventually hit the wall. For example, the UO emulator community
> has a big advantage over the EQ emulators -- you can add content
> to UO emu.  If you can't add content, then you are sort of limited
> by what you can do.

Why are you saying that you cannot add contento to EQ emulators? I
find this weird. It should be possible just like it is with UO
emus. Am I misunderstanding your words?

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