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> At 06:07 PM 1/8/2003 -0800, Koster, Raph wrote:
>> From: Paul Schwanz

>>> To me, treadmills speak of futility.  That is, you are
>>> constantly exerting yourself but never get anywhere.

>> Yes; providing a cumulative character model means that anyone
>> with time and patience will climb to the top, but it ALSO means
>> that the top is merely having gotten the whole crutch, so to
>> speak. It does not speak to the gameplay along the way, nor does
>> it speak to the end game when you have the whole crutch.

> As an aside (and perhaps one that doesn't relate at all), my
> graduate advisor once said, "Anyone can get a Ph.D. What keeps us
> from being overwhelmed with doctorates is that most people don't
> have the patience and perseverance to do everything necessary to
> get one. Only those with _a lot_ dedication can add the letters
> after their names."

> So is getting an advanced degree another levelling treadmill?

Level-based systems are so easy to understand because they parallel
the american education system so well. You have 'grades' or years in
school, which are the same as levels in a game. You need to pass
your classes in one grade to make it to the next, is the same as you
need to gain enough exp to level. When you make a new grade, you get
access to new, more difficult content. If you're really good, you
can sometimes skip a grade/level.

And as a phd, I'll say that writing the doctoral thesis is the same
as farming. You've done all the cool stuff, all the exciting
adventures. Now you have to sit down and just spend time getting it
written up, a low risk activity, to get the level.


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