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Frank Crowell frankc at maddog.com
Thu Jan 9 19:29:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Valerio Santinelli" <tanis at mediacom.it>
> Frank Crowell wrote:

>> These projects have potential for experimentation. but unless
>> they get support from the game companies themselves the projects
>> will eventually hit the wall. For example, the UO emulator
>> community has a big advantage over the EQ emulators -- you can
>> add content to UO emu.  If you can't add content, then you are
>> sort of limited by what you can do.

> Why are you saying that you cannot add contento to EQ emulators? I
> find this weird. It should be possible just like it is with UO
> emus. Am I misunderstanding your words?  
Currently the state is not like UO emulators. For UO, the format for
all the content files are fairly well known and there are tools to
help create UO em content.  That is not the case for EQ Emus. In
every case, there is enough missing information to where no one has
been able to create any meaningful content.  Okay, it is possible to
retexture a model and there are zone viewers.  But even the tools to
do these things are not that well and can't help anyone add a new
zone or add a new char, npc, or mob. or objects.

New content can be added in the sense of creating new database
entries.  But it makes use of existing icons and textures.

There are some tricks that could be done on the client side, but
then it violates the "hands off" rule.  One possible way to handle
changed code is to have some kind of morphing function so that it
can only be applied to a valid EQ client.  This avoids the problem
of distributing an EQ executable and works like the distribution
rule that is used for Poser.

I personally like the approach that has been taken for NWN.  For
NWN, there is a 3DS Max 4+ plugin that import/exports models for
NWN, and a Gmax script to do the same thing.  Of course I wish there
was a working script for older 3DS Max.


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