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[Daniel Harman]

> Secondly, incompetent people have a tendancy of not recognising
> their incompetence (#1 Kruger & Dunning). This blissful ignorance
> allows them to play and find their place without feelings of
> inadequacy. They may not be the best, and most people can deal
> with that, but they certainly won't realise they are the worst.

Something just hit me in the head. This problem (people want to be
skillful, but can't develop the skill or whatever) seems more
troublesome when there is just one ladder (then skill determination
necessarily trades off vs. time determination of position on that
ladder) than when there are multiple ladders. Have some time-based
ladders independent of the skill-based one. Have multiple
skill-based ladders so people can find particular skills they're
good with. Then the people who want to use their own faculties get
to, and the people who want a place or status based on time get that
too. This naturally happens in games that have more freedom and thus
permit multiple kinds of evaluation of their performance, e.g., "He
isn't very fast, but he has great strategy." This can even apply if
the other guy is winning overall.

It is a feature that players can say of a game that it emphasizes
one kind of skill and not another (valid, difficult to develop,
rare) kind of skill - because, although they may be blaming the
criteria for 'winning' in the game, as long as they are still
playing it gives them a certain degree of face-saving.

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