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> As an aside (and perhaps one that doesn't relate at all), my
> graduate advisor once said, "Anyone can get a Ph.D. What keeps us
> from being overwhelmed with doctorates is that most people don't
> have the patience and perseverance to do everything necessary to
> get one. Only those with _a lot_ dedication can add the letters
> after their names."

> So is getting an advanced degree another levelling treadmill?

More importantly:

Is it the PERCEPTION Of the treadmill that's the problem, or the
treadmill itself?

I would argue most players who are not game developers have no idea
what a treadmill is and "tread" it quite contentedly until they fall
off the treadmill.

Only then, when they fall off of it (by hitting max level, killing
everything without challenge, etc.) do they recognize that the
treadmill exists.  And thus problems ensue.

There are treadmills lurking in everything we do, every day.  But
not everyone sees their careers, education, and socialization as
treadmills because they aren't seeing the big picture.  Maybe they
don't want to.

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