[MUD-Dev] Star Wars Galaxies: 1 character per server

Marc Fielding fielding at computer.org
Sat Jan 11 23:03:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[ Marian Griffith ]

> I am not sure if it is in the laws, or if it was discussed here
> that it ought to be added.  Roleplaying does not mix well with
> achievement oriented playing To the point that the second tends to
> exclude the first.

Which is why roleplayers may be best served by smaller, boutique
games that cater to their needs and sensitivities.

Of course, the less orthodox roleplayers may be able to function
quite well in a mass-market MMOG if they group with like minded
players, keep to less populated areas, focus on PVE gameplay, and
generally try to ignore that which isn't roleplaying.


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