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From: "Marc Fielding" <fielding at>
> [ Damion Schubert ]
>> From Marc Fielding

>>> Unfortunately, a casual playstyle really doesn't allow you to be
>>> highly competitive. The very fact that your goal is to *compete*
>>> rather than more casual pursuits like socializing, exploring, or
>>> roleplaying puts you at a disadvantage to those whose sole focus
>>> is "winning the game".  Their substantial investment of time
>>> will rapidly move them forward along whatever character
>>> progression path the game offers.  Unfortunately, that path
>>> can't be "short-circuited" without cheapening their efforts.

>> Sure it can.  You simply need to do something to limit how far
>> players can go how fast.  UO's "Power Hour", while imperfect, was
>> a good example of how that can be done.  The exponential
>> advancement curve is simplistic and evil.  Think past it.

> While a step in the right direction, the "Power Hour" doesn't
> address the stated need of casual powergamers to remain
> "competitive."

What is the actual definition of a 'casual powergamer'? Does such a
beastie actually exist?


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