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Rayzam rayzam at travellingbard.com
Sun Jan 12 12:29:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Amy Jo Kim" <amyjo at thereinc.com>

> I can't share all the details of our pricing model, but I'm happy
> to try to answer any questions you have about There. We're pretty
> excited to finally be public, and I'm THRILLED to finally be able
> to talk about my work at There!  Look forward to seeing some of
> you online in the Beta test.  >

Congratz on going public.

I'm very intrigued by the social community building aspects,
especially the racing and paintball. It seems to be a system of
competition that doesn't have a treadmill, is more a sport PvP than
a PK-environment. I've been perusing the site and thinking about
it. That leaves me with some questions that'd probably be answered
if I got into the Beta. But I hope you don't mind me asking them
here, along with more of the behind the scenes reasoning behind
it. I understand if you punt on any or all of them :)

  - How much does Therebucks affect it? Can you buy yourself into an
  entirely different league of racing play? Was this point an issue
  in the development process? That is, it can generate extra
  revenue, and possibly create stock car leagues versus formula 1 -
  hoverboard leagues. But will others stay away because they don't
  feel they have the money to compete?

  - How much of it is player skill based?  I'm envisioning a console
  kart-style game. Some are weighted towards skill, others towards
  luck. In a community world like There, I can see value in either
  skill or luck. Which way did you go, and why?

  - The same skill/luck question can be asked about the
  paintball. Is it strategic or is it paintball-lite?

  - Can users set up the type of game they like?

  - And a catch-all: is there any 'next-great-thing' in community
  building that is being tried at There?


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