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> The single most heard reason for people not moving on to the next
> generation of MMORPG: "I don't want to spend the time levelling up
> a character."  It's not because they're not interested.  It's not
> that they dislike anything about the games.  They dislike
> treadmills.  They may run them, but they dislike them.  People
> have spent SO much time in GameX building their persona/avatar, to
> even consider "starting over" and running more treadmills turns
> them off.

> Treadmills are driving players AWAY from the games.

Where's your evidence of this?  Beyond anecdotes by the few dozen
habitual posters at rant sites?  How would I go about proving this?
Because I've got gigabytes of data on the players of DAoC, and the
only concrete indication I ever found of players hating the
treadmill was a tendency for them to quit when they hit the "wall"
at level 41 (which no longer exists).


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