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>> From: "Koster, Raph" <rkoster at>
>>> Yes; providing a cumulative character model means that anyone
>>> with time and patience will climb to the top, but it ALSO means
>>> that the
>> Hence one of the biggest "problems" with games today - those with
>> the most time advance the furthest.  Not by skill, or luck, or
>> good playing.  Raw time spent.  This keeps the casual gamer (who
>> may be a better player) from keeping up.

> Yes. But the casual gamer is already screwed in terms of lacking
> many of the real life skills required in videogames, so for them
> it's a wash.

That's a big generalization. Many casual players, such as myself,
were hardcore gamers in earlier years. Long nights spent adventuring
or deathmatching have developed "gaming skillz" (e.g. coordination,
strategic and tactical thinking, familiarity with design metaphors
and interfaces, etc.) that aren't easily forgotten. These days my
free time is limited, but give me a few minutes with a new game, and
I'll be back in the saddle in no time.

Gamers are no longer just teens or college kids with an oversupply
of talent and a undersupply of responsibility. Sometimes the
"3m3ritus-3l33t" want to get in on the action.  ;)


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