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Marc Fielding fielding at
Mon Jan 13 23:20:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[ Michael Tresca ]

> Is it the PERCEPTION Of the treadmill that's the problem, or the
> treadmill itself?
> I would argue most players who are not game developers have no
> idea what a treadmill is and "tread" it quite contentedly until
> they fall off the treadmill.
> Only then, when they fall off of it (by hitting max level, killing
> everything without challenge, etc.) do they recognize that the
> treadmill exists.  And thus problems ensue.

> There are treadmills lurking in everything we do, every day.  But
> not everyone sees their careers, education, and socialization as
> treadmills because they aren't seeing the big picture.  Maybe they
> don't want to.

Agreed. Life's treadmills are invisible and/or manageable as long as
we're reasonably distracted by the "immersiveness" of our daily

Failing that, cue the existential angst. ;P


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