[MUD-Dev] New Graphical Mud

chris johnson xehod at battleatlantis.com
Tue Jan 14 13:52:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003


I am fairly new to this mailing list so please excuse me if out of
line here, but was hoping to get some feedback from some of the many
talented people that browse this group on my latest project.

Rise of Myrmidon is a graphical mud played through your browser in
shockwave. We are in our 5th month of live beta testing and have a
pretty solid little community already. We hope to exit beta within a
month, but have much-to-do before such an event. Such as: Add quests
and more NPC interaction, rounding out classes, spell & skill
creating/modification, more zones and mobs, more equipment, new
towns, etc., etc. But we are coming along...

It can be found at: http://www.battleatlantis.com/mud/

What I was hoping is that I could get some basic feedback on the
game as well as any advice on how best to approach 'balance' in
designing the game. This is the first 'community' that I have had
the pleasure to create and I lack the experience to do so as
smoothly as I would like. Balancing the economy, classes, races,
item drops, etc has been quiet a job. Even links to articles would

Also, if anyone is interested in a little zone creation here or
there, feel free to email me. We could use some experienced

Have an excellent day!
Chris Johnson
xehod at battleatlantis.com
Portland, OR
ROM name = Zarin

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