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Wed Jan 15 09:27:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

>From Rayzam
> From: "Marc Fielding" <fielding at>

> What is the actual definition of a 'casual powergamer'? Does such
> a beastie actually exist?

Judging from the way my mom plays solitaire, I'd say yes.  She looks
at Spider Solitaire and goes into a zone.  She knows every nuance,
understands the odds of every card flip, and has spent a lot more
than 120 hours playing it (hell, I'd be shocked if she hasn't gone
into four digits).  She's 'casual' because she rarely buys games
(she even was confused by the Sims), doesn't plan her life around
it, and in fact has been playing the same Spider game for the last 4

'Powergaming' is merely a moderately derogatory way of saying
'optimizing one's play experience'.  For many, many people, its not
just one way of playing games, its _how_ you play games.  Its _much_
more mass market than its purported MMP opposite roleplaying.


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