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Damion Schubert damion at
Wed Jan 15 09:27:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

>From Eric Hu

> I think the idea of free taste is good, but the high level
> character suggestion very dangerous.
> In a combat-oriented MUD, high lv character means higher
> power. They need it to overcome the risk we set up for them. That
> is right. When a player get his station by crawling in foul
> dungeon, by passing ice and fire, by through death and reborn, he
> know how it is, he know to respect others. And the most important
> part, they treasure their character.

One of the often-quoted maxims around the offices of pay-for MMP
services is to never let non-paying customers mix freely with paying
customers.  The concept of character valuation is the primary

Ultimately, this will have to be challenged, though.  I just don't
think that MMPs will ever reach their potential without a better
demo system than 'play the beta and ignore the bugs'.  I'd love to
hear more ideas from you guys on ways that demodom could be


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