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Arnau RossellX CastellX arocas at
Wed Jan 15 11:16:43 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Eric Hu wrote:

> In a combat-oriented MUD, high lv character means higher
> power. They need it to overcome the risk we set up for them. That
> is right. When a player get his station by crawling in foul
> dungeon, by passing ice and fire, by through death and reborn, he
> know how it is, he know to respect others. And the most important
> part, they treasure their character.
> In the other hand, how could we prevent these Free Taster to abuse
> others? They have the Free, sweet power now. Shall we restrict
> these player to interaction with other normal players? Isn't it a
> MMORPG? Do they know what shall they do when grouping? Take
> EverQuest for example, any LV60 eBayed character is a walking
> death sentence stick to those who silly enough to group with him.
> It remind me that some MUDs had a function: test character. The
> highest level character is LV36, but the Test Character LV8. You
> will not die at the first claw of a tiger, but you cannot beat
> him. You could take a look about the world, but you could not have
> a long distant tour.

Well, you almost answered yourself, give them "free taste"
characters, recognizable as that by everyone, and without any
ability that can be used for griefing(i.e. their fireballs do no
damage to players). Aditionally, you may want to give a nice carrot
to groups that take them around, to compensate for the death
sentence stick(1.5x the exp?).

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