[MUD-Dev] Nick Yee's Daedalus Project

Louis loyus at ifrance.com
Wed Jan 15 18:04:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Raph Koster wrote:

> Looks like Yee is now doing a monthly journal sort of thing:

>   http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/

> The first results: the largest group of people play these games to
> make friends.

>   http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/archives/000192.php

This is not RPG relative, the internet makes an alternative reality
wich is perfect for filling the holes in people life. Perfect
because you can be anyone you want, and MMORPGs also suit perfectly
to that.

I remember a french cardiologist when Legends of Kesmai closed, he
went to Everquest. He studied years and years to be cardiologist, he
had lost his wife, and he often talked me about his job wich he
found so boring, he couldn't stand the people there etc. etc. In
fact, he was just sad in *real life*, and he told me "Sure, EQ is
not an interesting game, but it's the best chat i know to make
friends. You meet people, group, and chat while you wait for
monsters to respawn, then you keep in touch etc."

This is where i understanted for the first time that he (and prolly
a lot of ppl like him) wasn't playing for the game. It is not about
people who likes the game because of the great systems or eye candy,
intense gameplay or whatever.

I know another friend who was playing a lot DAOC, i talked with him
and it was the SAME motivation. He told me something like "When i
play DAOC i don't think to anything else, there is plenty of people,
and the time passes.". It was mainly about killing the time.

Most MMORPGs now have a kind of hypnotic side, you can play hours
and hours without getting bored a single second, maybe because of
the immersive side. The most interesting is that you're not really
enjoying yourself, but you're not getting bored too.

This was IMHO.


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