[MUD-Dev] Star Wars Galaxies: 1 character per server

Caliban Tiresias Darklock caliban at darklock.com
Thu Jan 16 09:30:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Marc Fielding" <fielding at computer.org>

> SCS is an attempt to fix various (negligible) "abuses" of gameplay
> by a minority of players at the expense of a popular playstyle for
> a casual gamers.

<EdNote: Deletia followed by Editoria>

SCS doesn't fix gameplay abuse, and there's <little> reason to
believe it would. Remember, a player who abuses his account is
normally subject to having his account cancelled and all his
characters deleted, so if he chooses to abuse his account
anyway... well, only having one character isn't going to change his
mind. If he'll risk twelve characters, he's certainly not going to
draw the line at risking one. SCS may stop Joe Dork from creating a
new character to go around harassing people he doesn't like... but
it won't stop him from using his existing character to go around
harassing people he doesn't like, or creating a new character on
some other server to go around harassing people at random.

As far as popular playstyles go, every game that caters to one side
or the other of a divisive argument will necessarily expend a
popular playstyle.  You either decide that's okay, or you don't
play. Games commonly settle on one side or the other of PvP,
deciding in the process that everyone on the other side can piss
off. If that's valid, which it is, and it works, which it does, then
other playstyles can be kicked out just as reasonably.

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