[MUD-Dev] Attracting players

Louis loyus at ifrance.com
Thu Jan 16 16:41:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

-Matt Kelley wrote :

> Muds are oldschool, simply put. Kids don't care about text games
> these days, and they likely never will. They want to see the blood
> splatter, and the machine gun rounds fire. It has replaced the
> choppy, scrolling text with smooth, no need to think or read
> ideas. And most times I've found the graphical games run faster
> than a Mud.

True, but don't forget to talk about the accessibility. We played
MUDs because we were also power users, in my case (i am french) i
was on compuserve when nobody even knew what was internet around me,
at this time nothing was easy or attractive to the common
user. Playing online was not "brought to you by AOL Time Warner",
you had to configure a lot of things manually, make a lot of
research on the web to fix some of your problems or find an answer
on a odd home page lost somewhere, and this took a lot more of time
than now.

We have learned to learn. Most ppl out there with their WinXP and
DSL connection never did. So basically we are people who learned to
be patient thanks to our experience, and we can take the time to
learn anything, something thats people wont do now.

The masses went on the internet when it became more and more easy to
use, where everything was "brought to me instantly", they are now
used to never wait for any service and they want everything to work
right now. We took the time to learn that the richness of a game
doesnt reside in the graphics, they didnt. They are looking for the
wrap, we are looking for the letter inside, wich could be - for
example - the gameplay in a FPS game instead of its graphics.

Basically MUDs have no wraps, and you have to read the letter to see
if it's well written or not, but most people never learned to take
the time to read it.


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