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> "Power hour"-like mechanisms also means that you can flatten your
> advancement curve, instead of having a ridiculously exponential
> one, since pure exp gain over time is no longer possible.  Which
> means that that hour a day of exp gain will translate into a
> meaningful gain of level.

If the purpose is to limit peoples xp, why do it by limiting the
time they can do it in. Surely the logical conclusion is to limit xp
accumulation with a cap on a daily or weekly basis. This neatly
sidesteps the issue of people feeling compelled to power level like
mad during power hour.

I think I'd like to play on a server like that as a powergamer who
has decided never again to put 200+ days into a character. That's an
interesting thing about powergamer burn out, subjectively it seems a
lot of us get burnt of the whole genre, not just one game.

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