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Thu Jan 16 18:12:23 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Marc Fielding" <fielding at>
> [ Rayzam ]
>> [Marc Fielding]

>>> While a step in the right direction, the "Power Hour" doesn't
>>> address the stated need of casual powergamers to remain
>>> "competitive."

>> What is the actual definition of a 'casual powergamer'? Does such
>> a beastie actually exist?

> I use it to refer to players who, despite their inability to
> invest much time in their characters, still demand the trappings
> of achievement (i.e. items, status, etc.). They are often
> frustrated when their limited time in-game doesn't keep them at
> some perceived level of "competitiveness" with other, less
> time-constrained powergamers.  >

Okay, that makes sense.

Though it seems to say that one out of many possible solutions to it
is to remove powergaming. Then everyone can advance at the same rate
regardless of how well you optimize. That completely negates player




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