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Ben Hoyt Ben.Hoyt at HorizonGOT.com
Fri Jan 17 15:42:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

>From Rayzam
>> From: "Marc Fielding" <fielding at computer.org>

>> What is the actual definition of a 'casual powergamer'? Does such
>> a beastie actually exist?

> Judging from the way my mom plays solitaire, I'd say yes.  She
> looks at Spider Solitaire and goes into a zone.  She knows every
> nuance, understands the odds of every card flip, and has spent a
> lot more than 120 hours playing it (hell, I'd be shocked if she
> hasn't gone into four digits).  She's 'casual' because she rarely
> buys games (she even was confused by the Sims), doesn't plan her
> life around it, and in fact has been playing the same Spider game
> for the last 4 years.

> 'Powergaming' is merely a moderately derogatory way of saying
> 'optimizing one's play experience'.  For many, many people, its
> not just one way of playing games, its _how_ you play games.  Its
> _much_ more mass market than its purported MMP opposite
> roleplaying.

Actually, I'd say that I am a casual powergamer.  I rarely play DAoC
only 5-10 hours/week.  But when I play, I'm focused on leveling and
advancing my character and that of my friends' who are in my party.
I ignore the other "socialization" and "role-playing" aspects of the

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