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Sasha Hart hart.s at
Sat Jan 18 02:34:17 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[Daniel Harman]

> That's an interesting thing about powergamer burn out,
> subjectively it seems a lot of us get burnt of the whole genre,
> not just one game.

Maybe it's because the genre is fairly homogenous with respect to
whatever regulates burnout. Like consistent boredom, frustration, or
repeated trials teaching that optimism and excitement about where
the game will go is not justified after all.

I would LOVE to see a treatment, any treatment, even an opinion
survey, of burnout as a function of playstyle. If powergamers
selectively burn out, and the people who mostly chat or roleplay or
craft or wander around don't, that would be a pretty good suggestion
about what's working better than what.


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