[MUD-Dev] Powergaming (was Star Wars Galaxies: 1 character per server)

Sasha Hart hart.s at attbi.com
Sat Jan 18 03:04:03 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[Damion Schubert]

> I think my current obstinance on the matter comes from watching
> too many recent games who think that "Easy" is equivalent to "Fun"
> in the eyes of the mass market.

Well, you know, easy is fun too. Part of the objection to
'powergaming' is misplaced puritanism: thou shalt not exceed this
rate of leveling or they will magically become meaningless. The
leveling games I ever stuck with had consistent, fast leveling. And
after all, why not. If I get to decide between sitting around and
making the same trivial decisions for consistent progress
vs. sitting around and making the same trivial decisions for a level
and 20 catastrophic deaths every 40 hours playing, it makes a lot of
sense that easier would be better.

Also, sometimes it's fun to get a good thing and then ride the wave
a while. The civ games can be pretty fun with this - even if you are
just winning pathetically for hours, it's pretty cool to have a war
machine that just rolls over the world. At least for a while. But
everything wears out in a while.

I'll leave to others the exercise of determining how this isn't
really a disagreement with what Damion said.

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