[MUD-Dev] re: there.com

Ted L. Chen tedlchen at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 18 05:41:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

susan wu wrote:

> Agreed: 'status symbol' objects in the real world (i.e. Nike
> sneakers or Levis jeans) don't seem to have the same sort of
> relevance in a virtual world.  I.e. where the objects aren't tied
> to any greater purpose (i.e.  increased attractiveness to the
> opposite sex).  I'm interested to see how There.com conveys status
> (and how they define status) within their world.

Is it really an issue with status symbols?  Those seeking status
ladders will no doubt already flock towards TSO.  The rest, or
disenfranchised TSO players, may try There.com given appropriate

With that said, some people actually buy things for purely asthetic
values - status symbols not withstanding.  If that weren't the case,
there'd be a lot less "Dogs Playing Poker" 's in the world.  ;)


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