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> [Rayzam]

>> Thus by a fun definition, a more advanced character should hav
>> emore abilities than a less advanced character.

> You don't get handicaps the longer you play chess. But it's still
> fun (to some, anyway). Nowhere outside of this genre do I see
> serious arguments that fun is necessarily and by its nature about
> gaining new abilities. Yes, moving through different sets of
> possibilities with different values over the course of a game
> seems central to games.  No, that does not necessarily entail
> gains of abilities.

But you do get more abilities the longer you play chess, assuming
you learn. You might get better at the endgame, or the midgame. Or
for me, it was using pawns more effectively. You learn different
openings and different defenses. You learn when to and when not to
use these different things.

Abilities go up the longer you play chess. In this case, it's
learning more strategies. In a mud, it's gaining new skills and
spells, which gives you more strategies. The difference with chess
is that the external game doesn't change, it's an internal gain of
abilities. However, playing through a character, you are lmited by
the character's skills. Starting skills/abilities are often few and
limited. Gaining character abilities through play is the first
step. As you point out, you have to use the abilities moving through
different sets, or it would still be repetitive and become boring.


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