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Sat Jan 18 14:20:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Quinn, Keith" <kquinn at>

> The replacement for Powerhour is called the "Guaranteed Gain
> System" (GGS). Nowadays in UO, whenever you succeed in a skill you
> have the potential for skill gain. After a period of time, if
> every skill gain possibility is failed, GGS forces a minimal skill
> gain.  The higher your current skill, the longer the period of
> time between forced skill point gains.  >

What happens if you spend that time idling? You try one skill, then
idle away and play something else or go watch a movie? Is there an
advantage to being logged in when you know you won't be able to
interact with the game for a period of time, because you'll still be
guaranteed to gain something?


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