[MUD-Dev] Questions for User Surveys

Ted L. Chen tedlchen at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 18 17:45:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Nick Yee wrote:

> As a developer, what are some issues or aspects of player
> behavior/motivation/demographics that you would really like to get
> user data on?

As an arm-chair developer, I should ask up front that you take what
I say with a grain of salt.  However, one thing I'd like to see is a
self-report on:

   What percentage of your time is spent doing non-gaming activities.
   [<25%, 25%-50%, 50%-75%, >75%]

With the wording purposely vague, you might need to verify on
another page with something like:

   Do you spend most of your time leveling and buying stuff?
   [Yes, No]

I suspect you might be able to correlate it with the responses to
other questions on Satisfaction, Relationships, etc.  If so, it
might allow you to break your population down intra-game and find
other significant differences.


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