[MUD-Dev] Product Reviews of two MMOG server middleware products

ceo at grexengine.com ceo at grexengine.com
Sun Jan 19 11:43:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Gamasutra has recently put up the following article:
  "Product Review: Massively Multiplayer Online Game Middleware"

Note: you have to sign up for a free id :((( Gamsutra is doing this
all over the place nowadays.

...although its not much of a "review" - being only one page long,
and only including two products. More of a "short preview" :).

Grex isn't included, so I'm afraid you won't find anything new about
what we're up to.

Interestingly, the author makes the statement "Neither have a
well-known MMOG that uses their technology yet", even though
TerraZona for a long time claimed their technology was used in
Lineage (...a claim I've long been curious about?).  Surely Lineage
would count? :)

Adam M

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