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Marc Fielding fielding at
Sun Jan 19 23:53:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[ Daniel.Harman at ]

> If the purpose is to limit peoples xp, why do it by limiting the
> time they can do it in. Surely the logical conclusion is to limit
> xp accumulation with a cap on a daily or weekly basis. This neatly
> sidesteps the issue of people feeling compelled to power level
> like mad during power hour.

Unfortunately, I feel that capping advancement will discourage some
of your game's most dedicated players. Frankly, I have no problem
with rapid advancement by those who invest their time in-game. The
idea of restricting Power Hours to casual gamers can give them a
sense of "getting ahead" and thus perhaps retain them as customers.

With the above approach, uber-powergamers get their rapid progress,
casual powergamers get their "pick-me-up", and everyone else is


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