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> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Eric Hu wrote:

>> they know what shall they do when grouping? Take EverQuest for
>> example, any LV60 eBayed character is a walking death sentence
>> stick to those who silly enough to group with him.
> I hear this a lot, but I don't really believe it.  The people who
> buy the level 60 characters are likely to drive them like
> rentals. I don't see them necessarily wanting to compete at the
> same level that the person who made the character competes -
> planes runs or whatever the vernacular is.  They'll probably just
> explore and socialize, like a dillante in a tank.

> A person who buys a level 60 character is likely to do very
> different things with it than someone who rents one - and probably
> won't be spending too much time with level 60s.

I've observed two types of end users who buy level 60s (ignoring the
asset strippers in the middle). The first type have their own level
60s which they self leveled. These guys are pretty harmless and just
want to try another character class. In fact a lot of these get the
alts as gifts from retiring guild mates. The other type tend to be
people who think they can make money farming stuff with their level
60 or want to get to the top of the tree without learning the
necessary skills. These guys tend to be pretty unpleasant.

> Matter a fact, this is starting to sound rather tempting.  I can
> go buy a level 60 to see the world of EQ, and most everything
> would be cake so I can focus on seeing EQ for what it is.

You'll find that you can see remarkably little. The more spectacular
stuff requires raids. Of course, that could just be my conditioning
talking ;)


P.s. The caps level 65 now ;)
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