[MUD-Dev] EPMG: New acronym on the block

Arnau RossellX CastellX arocas at alumni.uv.es
Mon Jan 20 13:45:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

I just stumbled on this on Slashdot:

  Homepage: http://www.imperialwars.com/

  Article: http://www.ogcan.com/article.php?sid=553&mode=nested&order=0

rom what I've seen, it looks like a turn(long turns) based game a la
Galaxy or Blind Galaxy, but using graphical wrapper for the email
thingy, AND with integrated instant messaging. I don't know how they
have implemented it, but if it works in the same unobtrusive way
that MSN, they will have something good on their hands, it will be
the same difference with other MMOGS that between IRC and instant
messaging, same functionality, different use pattern..

I still have to mull it a bit, but i have the gut feeling it could
be big, given that the gameplay is adapted to instant messaging-like
usage patterns(i.e. short, spaced uses that don't require much any
preparation to start and can be left anytime).

Snippet from the article:

  "At Intelligent Life Games, we define the Metagame as that cool
  stuff that happens outside of the game rules, where people talk
  across the table, make local rules and generally enjoy the social
  aspects of an activity with others. But to make that more fun, we
  throw in 350 worlds, chock full of homeworlds, Imperial Worlds,
  Black holes, Novas, Wormholes, and the odd Rebel world. To move
  through these worlds, the players get 300 star fleets. Not all at
  once of course, and they have to wangle ways to get them from one
  another. Then there are the Jewels of Power, the Imperial Relics
  and the Ancient gems to spice things up a bit.

  In the game is full email and instant messenger, whose address
  books are populated as you meet the other Starlords in your own
  pocket universe. But maybe the best thing about the game is the
  ease with which it fits itself into your lifestyle and yet retains
  the immersive quality of a long-term game. Unlike games that
  demand your complete and full attention, IWars co-exists with the
  rest of your life. It brings back not only the really fun social
  aspects of gaming but also those wonderful lost emotions of
  anticipation and contemplation. This is not a game for everyone;
  it's not the long-awaited breakthrough game of the Internet
  masses. The target is much higher than that. We just wanted to
  make the most fun game that we could think of."


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