[MUD-Dev] RE: Demodom (was Brand Loyalty (was...))

Russell Lewis spamhole-2001-07-16 at deming-os.org
Tue Jan 21 12:04:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Ted L. Chen wrote:

> Extensions of this theme can be letting players decide whether or
> not they allow a 'camera-man' to follow them around, even into
> private spaces.  Judging by the number of web-cams on the net, I'm
> sure there are some people out there who might turn this feature
> on.  Just a few might provide enough close, personal 'content' for
> the demo-mode monitors.

Just a thought, what about this system:

    - Players can "invite" follower cameras

    - Players know who is watching them

    - Players can talk with watchers, like a group-tell.  Watchers
    can ask questions, make comments, etc.  Players can talk about
    experiences in the world, give tips, etc.

    - Players get a small bonus to some attribute(s) or abilities
    when he has watchers

    - New members signing on can say "Character X convinced me to
    join" (an invite-a-friend sort of thing), and the character gets
    a permanent (and significant) bonus

This encourages your players to work as your best advertisers.  It
allows the watchers to interact in realtime with the game and a
player, but prevents abuse since they cannot talk to the rest of the
world.  A player being abused can ban a watcher, or turn off
watching altogether.

The only trick I see with this is the small bonus the player gets
when he has watchers; we want to make sure that a player doesn't
just run in the watcher program in another window (or on a
non-member friend's computer), giving himself a free bonus.  It's
the old multiplaying problem.


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