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Wed Jan 22 03:32:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[Dan Harman]
> [Sasha]

>> You don't get handicaps the longer you play chess. But it's still
>> fun (to some, anyway). Nowhere outside of this genre do I see
>> serious arguments that fun is necessarily and by its nature about
>> gaining new abilities. Yes, moving through different sets of
>> possibilities with different values over the course of a game
>> seems central to games.  No, that does not necessarily entail
>> gains of abilities.

> I'm probably stating the obvious, but that's because chess has
> deep complexity derived on player skill.

Right, if I understand correctly that is exactly an illustration
that it has nothing to do with the player gaining options and
nothing necessary to do with the player gaining abilities (though
this is a great point that Rayzam made, and one which I suspect I'm
selling short out of egoism; I often suspect there are relatively
few ways to enjoy a game or play in general that do not involve any
kind of learning; noting further that play in us as well as animals
is often simulative of situations which it is valuable to have
experience of).

> Most muds have broad but incredibly shallow complexity.

Ahh, but that's why they're not games - they're WORLDS!

Only half joking.

> This gets us back to my argument that there is a market for games
> requiring skill.

I think it'll get there, give it a decade.


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