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Wed Jan 22 07:02:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: <Daniel.Harman at>

> space. I hope so, because AC2 was a fine example of what happens
> when you dumb things down even further just to cater for the
> perceived mass market who allegedly lack any skill. Meanwhile,
> we'll have to keep playing games where people 'between jobs' are
> king.

I do not think AC2's failure is because of the dumbing down.  Their
failure stems from egotistical game developers who failed to listen
to their primary audience.  One major issue that kept a lot of
people out is the fact that it is a forced PVP model, this is mostly
encountered in the 40+ levels.  The third failing issue is a world
which is very pretty but totally without meaning, exemplified by the
cardboard buildings (you can view them, not enter them).  I figure
that if it survives 6 or so more months they might be able to fix
most of it, but will anyone care?

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