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> Here's a question I'd like to see answered:

> In games that allow multiple characters per server, what do you
> use the extra character slots for? (Select all that apply.)

>   A) Experimenting with different race/class combinations.

>   B) Exploring distant parts of the world.

>   C) Creating characters with classes/skills that can aid my main
>   character.

>   D) Storing items for other characters.

>   E) Nothing. I do not use the extra slots.

Actually, none of the above.  But my reason is, I think, one of the
MAJOR reasons that MCS is important and i'm surprised no one has
mentioned it. Basically, I have two old college buddies that I play
DAoC with.  We can't always find times where all 3 of us can play
together.  By having 3 different characters each, we can ensure that
whenever any of us want to play that we will have characters of
comparable level that can adventure together.  Basically, I have 1
character that I play when all 3 of us are on, 1 that I play when
it's just me and friend A, and one that i play when it's just me and
friend B.

I suppose we could replicate this system simply by having the
characters on different servers, but we like our guild and the other
friends that we have on the single sever on which all of our
characters reside.  I think it would suck a lot if DAoC didn't
support MCS.

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