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>> If the purpose is to limit peoples xp, why do it by limiting the
>> time they can do it in. Surely the logical conclusion is to limit
>> xp accumulation with a cap on a daily or weekly basis. This
>> neatly sidesteps the issue of people feeling compelled to power
>> level like mad during power hour.

> Unfortunately, I feel that capping advancement will discourage
> some of your game's most dedicated players. Frankly, I have no
> problem with rapid advancement by those who invest their time
> in-game. The idea of restricting Power Hours to casual gamers can
> give them a sense of "getting ahead" and thus perhaps retain them
> as customers.

Potentially yes, although it may give them a chance to kick back and
have some fun for a change. I suppose I don't necessarily want to
play with people who are solely focussed on leveling at the expense
of all other in game activities. Frankly I have a tendancy towards
this behaviour myself, and I'd like a mechanism to discourage it :)

> With the above approach, uber-powergamers get their rapid
> progress, casual powergamers get their "pick-me-up", and everyone
> else is unaffected.

How about, soft capping rather than hard capping then. We could
allow the player to make one level a week at where each xp gain is
multiplied by 2 (i.e. The level takes half as much effort). For xp
earnt during any level after that no multiplier at all. Of course
these figures are arbitrary but they describe the mechanism, and in
effect its very similar to power hour in that there is no upper
cap. It does however stop you having this very unpleasant hour each
day where you powergame like mad and get annoyed with anything that
prevents you doing so.

In a lot of ways though, I actually prefer the originally proposed
system. I don't want to create or play a game that encourages people
to play every waking moment, even when they've stopped having fun.

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