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> I think the key point is that roleplayer like to play out even the
> 'ineffective' parts of the game, and power gamers take that away.

> Imaginary situation: Fafhnir the Evil Dragon makes its monthly
> appearance, and roleplayer Boffo and his fellow heroes are staging
> an epic battle. Of course they intend to win eventually, but the
> main point is the battle itself. Now for some reason power gamer
> Bubba, nominally an old-school barbarian, comes along, sees
> Boffo's Heroes taking their time, thinks "Bah, what a waste of
> time" and throws the magical tacnuke he picked up somewhere. Bam! 
> the dragon is dead, and Boffo and his friends have to wait another
> month to fight their epic battle.

That's really a problem with lack of content I guess. Of course the
more dragons you add, the less game-significant they become, so you
have a point.

> And then look at it from the other way around: what does
> roleplayed corpse recovery take away from the power gamer?

I was trying to imply that he was only on the corpse recovery
because he was grouped with roleplayers, who sacrificed making the
most efficient decisions because they didn't feel they would be in
roll (and that's assuming they even knew what they were which is
unlikely as they don't min-max right?).

Whilst it may be fun to roleplay the bumbling cleric who accidently
heals the opponent, if theres a penalty that impacts others it can
be a problem.

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