[MUD-Dev] ANSI/VT100/VT102 Emulation

Bernard Graham bernard at crimzone.co.za
Wed Jan 22 22:42:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Could anyone perhaps tell me where I may find information on
ANSI,VT100,VT102 and any related emulations.  I am specifically
looking for the character codes needed to send colours to the
different emulators.  I have most of the ANSI codes, but I seem to
get stuck whenever I use a client like ZMUD, which seems to either
ignore certain codes, or I am missing something.
An example of one of one of my problems is this: The ANSI code for
sending text in bold is ASC(27) [ 1m .  To "unbold" the text, I send
the following code ASC(27) [ 2m, which works fine in Window's telnet
client, but not in ZMUD.
If anyone could help me, or just send me off in any useful direction
I would very much appreciate it.
B.t.w.  I am developing a mud authoring tool called Linder.  Check
it out at www.linder.co.za <http://www.linder.co.za/> .  Any
comments/suggestions would be appreciated very much!

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