[MUD-Dev] Star Wars Galaxies: 1 character per server

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Thu Jan 23 13:02:28 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Marc Fielding wrote:
> [ Paul Schwanz ]
>> Marc Fielding wrote:

>>> For me (and I suspect many others) MCS isn't about
>>> powerlevelling multiple characters. It's about creating a
>>> character to explore exotic content not available to my main
>>> (e.g. racial content, class content, remote GM events, etc.).

>> Does this mean you would be happy with an SCS system where your
>> character had no, or at the least very few restrictions as to
>> what content was available?  If that is your real concern, why
>> not address that issue directly instead of pushing for MCS?

> Realistically, character-level content access *needs* to be
> restricted.


>  The game becomes much more trivial without it.


> MCS allows certain explorative activities without requiring major
> (likely artificial) changes to the world's design.

SCS allows the exact same activities (see below).  I'd argue that
SCS is the natural state of any reflection of the real world, and
thus it is MCS that requires (likely artificial) changes to the
world's design.

> Appropriately enough, MCS is an out-of-character solution for an
> out-of-character desire.

But MCS may be only one possible solution for that out-of-character
desire.  If the desire is to play another character, then SCS can
satisfy that desire.  If the desire is to play another character on
the same server, then SCS can satisfy that desire as well, through
the purchase of an additional account.  I have no problem with the
notion that gamers who desire to do something that can create
additional problems for the (likely artificial) gameplay, hardware,
etc. can do so, but I believe that it is only fair that they pay for
the privilege.  That is, why should I pay for multiple characters
when I only want to use one, especially in light of the fact that my
playing a single character actually adds many desirable things to


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