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> [Koster, Raph]

>> The first results: the largest group of people play these games
>> to make friends.

>>   http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/archives/000192.php

> Interesting, then, that these (giant graphical MUDs) are the exact
> games I find most impersonal and non-conducive to forming anything
> but the most superficial friendships. Huge and impersonal, with
> coerced temporary grouping and activities that allow and encourage
> dialogue little more elaborate than "I'll pull - k," the chances
> of forming a strong relationship with someone who has similar or
> at least complementary interests seem vanishingly small.

Consider also that not all people make friends the same way.  Some
make spoken or written communication the lynchpin of a good
friendship.  Others become fast friends through simply the stability
of knowing this person is by your side no matter what, even if you
two rarely speak.  Think of two old men who come to the same spot to
fish, day in and day out.  Occasionally they might speak of the
weather or current events, but mostly they consider one another
friends because of their shared experience, not their communication.
Or another example: gym buddies.  Every day for lunch, they meet at
the gym, work out next to one another, occasionally spot each other
when needed, then depart knowing that they'll be there for each
other the next day.

> No. Make something fun, give me tools to communicate, consider
> smoothing the path to like minds, consider more substantial and
> less tedious ways of relating to others within the game than
> forced hunting-parties, and I will manage making friends myself,
> thank you very much.

All these things are on the horizon.  Games slated for release in
2003 will have tools to find others with like interests separate and
apart from in-game activities.  They will both support and encourage
non-combat interaction and provide people with tools to make and
maintain long-term friendships.  These tools will be evolutionary
and unlike any ever seen in an MMO setting.

I'm looking forward to using them to strengthen the bonds in the
group of friends I currently have, and to make many many more
friends in the future.


"You must be the change that you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi
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