[MUD-Dev] ANSI/VT100/VT102 Emulation

Jacob Cord jacobc at chiefarchitect.com
Fri Jan 24 13:52:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 12:42, Bernard Graham wrote:

> An example of one of one of my problems is this: The ANSI code for
> sending text in bold is ASC(27) [ 1m .  To "unbold" the text, I
> send the following code ASC(27) [ 2m, which works fine in Window's
> telnet client, but not in ZMUD.

If I'm not mistaken, you should be using { 'ESC', '[', '0', 'm' } to

    0 reset
    1 bold
    5 blink (ugh)
    7 reverse video

These are foreground colors, add 10 to the number for background:

  30 black
  31 red
  32 green
  33 yellow
  34 blue
  35 magenta
  36 cyan
  37 white

So to create bold blue text on yellow background:

  char c[] = { 27, '[', '1', ';', '3', '4', ';', '4', '3', 'm' };

Note keep numbers separated with a semicolon.  They can appear in
any order.  More searching on the internet would probably turn up
better resources, these are from notes I have had for a while now.
> B.t.w.  I am developing a mud authoring tool called Linder.  Check
> it out at www.linder.co.za <http://www.linder.co.za/> .  Any
> comments/suggestions would be appreciated very much!

This page doesn't work in my browser (Galeon under Ximian Gnome
desktop, Linux).  I get 4 title bars, 4 navigation bars, and no
content and no links.  I believe Galeon uses the Mozilla engine.


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