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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Chris Holko wrote:
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>> space. I hope so, because AC2 was a fine example of what happens
>> when you dumb things down even further just to cater for the
>> perceived mass market who allegedly lack any skill. Meanwhile,
>> we'll have to keep playing games where people 'between jobs' are
>> king.
> I do not think AC2's failure is because of the dumbing down.
> Their failure stems from egotistical game developers who failed to
> listen to their primary audience.  One major issue that kept a lot
> of people out is the fact that it is a forced PVP model, this is
> mostly encountered in the 40+ levels.  The third failing issue is
> a world which is very pretty but totally without meaning,
> exemplified by the cardboard buildings (you can view them, not
> enter them).  I figure that if it survives 6 or so more months
> they might be able to fix most of it, but will anyone care?

I'd rather have design by the egotistical game designer than by the
egotistical primary audience.  What's going on here, anyway?  We've
gone from discussing innovation to defending all innovation.  I
think there are too many members of the "primary audience" here,
griping about every little bit that diverges from thier favorite

Game designers make games with entirely new features to seek new
audiences.  AC2 is being panned as a failure, but fact is there are
quite a few people - outside the aristocracy of the 'primary
audience' - who quite enjoy it.  The "primary audience" isn't some
kind of landed class whose whims must be obeyed.

If you have a flaw to point out in somebody's model, fine.  But this
months-long war over SCS/MCS is being propelled not by valid
arguments but, apparently, by people who don't want a certain game
done a certain way.  I question if such advocacy arguments belong

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