Brand Loyalty (was Re: [MUD-Dev] Requirements forMM(wasComple xities of MMOG Servers))

Freeman Freeman
Fri Jan 24 14:27:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Paul Schwanz
> Jeff Freeman wrote:

>> 'Course this assumes the game is fun to play and you're risking
>> something in order to gain something totally unrelated to
>> character advancement (or at least unrelated to skill/class
>> advancement), since you'd be removing character advanacement as a
>> 'reward'.

> Must it be totally unrelated though?
> Character advancement can be very character-centric without
> totally negating all effects of player choices.

You're right.  I'm just looking at it as a question of where you
start with designing the system.

In the one case:

  1. You gain xp by using a skill (or killing a monster or whatever)
  2. But not too much xp within a given time period.

  3. Nor too little.

Gaining xp (i.e. "character advancement") as a reward for using the
skill is built-in from the git-go, so no need to worry about that.

But if you start with:

  1. You gain xp over time at a certain rate, no matter what.

Now you've got everything the first case provided, except for
character advancement as a reward for skill usage.  And you don't
have to worry about 2. and 3. from above, because that aspect is
built-in from the git-go.

You could certainly add to the second approach:

  2. You gain xp faster for being a winner

To get back to rewarding success with character advancement - and I
think it'd still be easier to track and maintain than trying to keep
usage-based skillgain off the sidewalk.

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