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> From: Jeff Freeman [mailto:skeptack at antisocial.com]

>> So instead of tracking skill usage and then trapping skill gain
>> which is too rapid (due to greater than average usage) or too
>> slow (due to fumbled skillchecks or 'casual play') [snip...]

> This is completely tangential to your original point, but has
> anyone considered making a 'fun' random number generator. As a
> first cut, it might involve the following :

In the melee combat algorithm for Camelot, the system tracks strings
of misses and forces hits after a number of them based on the
probability of a hit.  If your chances are 50-50, it won't let you
miss more than three times in a row.  It's only used in that one
area, however.  Another place we interfere with probability is when
you're attacking something much higher level, rather than reduce the
chance of a hit below a certain level (15%, I think), it reduces
your maximum damage (that part works for both melee and magic).

In both cases, it's done because it's not much fun to lose because
you whiffed every attack.


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