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>> Bam!  the dragon is dead, and Boffo and his friends have to wait
>> another month to fight their epic battle.

> That's really a problem with lack of content I guess. Of course
> the more dragons you add, the less game-significant they become,
> so you have a point.

And with more dragons, there are also bound to be more powergamers
around, so the chance of actually finishing an epic battle remains
the same.

>> And then look at it from the other way around: what does
>> roleplayed corpse recovery take away from the power gamer?

> I was trying to imply that he was only on the corpse recovery
> because he was grouped with roleplayers, who sacrificed making the
> most efficient decisions because they didn't feel they would be in
> roll (and that's assuming they even knew what they were which is
> unlikely as they don't min-max right?).

A lot of roleplayers know how to min-max, they just choose not to
(and sometimes it's really tough to stick to that choice).

> Whilst it may be fun to roleplay the bumbling cleric who
> accidently heals the opponent, if theres a penalty that impacts
> others it can be a problem.

Mostly if you're overdoing it; and if you do, you risk that your
companions turn against you in-character as well as

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