Brand Loyalty (was Re: [MUD-Dev] Requirements for MM (wasComplexities of MMOG Servers))

Chris Holko cholko at
Sat Jan 25 18:23:17 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 14:21:40 -0600 (CST), you wrote:

> I'd rather have design by the egotistical game designer than by
> the egotistical primary audience.  What's going on here, anyway?
> We've gone from discussing innovation to defending all innovation.
> I think there are too many members of the "primary audience" here,
> griping about every little bit that diverges from thier favorite
> game.

I guess thats the issue, their innovation isn't very innovative.  If
anything they took a step back in time.  

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