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Wes Connell wconnell at kanga.nu
Sat Jan 25 22:17:03 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Freeman, Jeff wrote:

> The direction I wound up going with most skills was to put
> variable delays based on your skill, so the player didn't see each
> and every skillcheck roll: It's just that sometimes they could
> hide (or whatever) really fast, and sometimes it took longer to
> hide.  For example, the old system was:
>   You look for ore
>     You don't find any
>   You look for ore
>     You find some
>   You look for ore
>     You don't find any

> And the new system looked more like:
>   You look for ore
>     (you're still looking)
>   You find some
>     (you keep looking)
>   You find some more.

Quick question... did you have a mechanism for informing the player
that they were still looking for ore? Did a meter tick by? Did you
show the player periodic messages? Did you just cause a wait state
similar to standard Diku MUDs?

I'm also curious to know if you had a problem with people thinking
they were lagging instead of still looking for ore. I know Diku has
that problem with the longer wait stated commands.

The idea provides a nice solution to command spam and would (over
time) cut down on bandwidth usage. It would have been nice as a
Miner/Lumberjack/Blacksmith/Fletcher/Tailor in UO if I could have
just clicked on the 'Go until empty' option and used up the availble

Ok, maybe that wasn't so quick. :)

wconnell at kanga.nu

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